We Revolutionize the Energy Industry

Our premise is to be efficiently competitive, and we are highly motivated to achieve outstanding results. We strive to build a model of how the energy industry should evolve. We aspire for a leading position among energy providers for a low-carbon future. We work on offering innovative solutions.

The Kireina Suiso plant in Iizakamachi-Nakano, Fukushima-shi, is designed to represent the next energy revolution. The plant generates green hydrogen using a proprietary technology called Dual-TCE™ (Thermo-Chemical Electrolysis).

Our Purpose

Our mission is to transform natural resources into energy, thus contributing to social and economic growth. Kireina Suiso is a green hydrogen company dedicated to providing cost-effective energy on a large scale and spearheading the energy revolution.

We are targeted on net-zero emissions as we are optimizing our oil and gas portfolio, speeding renewables growth, and developing carbon capture and hydrogen technologies. Green hydrogen will be highly demanded by a vast market landscape looking for more ecologically friendly power sources.

Apart from the combined cycle power plant's infrastructure, the existing energy distribution network will still be in use. When it comes to producing hydrogen and delivering it to the market, we focus on cost efficiency. Furthermore, the plant's performance will be improved over time by ensuring increasingly competitive results.


Strategic Location

Green hydrogen will be distributed through the established gas pipeline network. Export access is quick via road and sea, due to strong highway connections and the accessibility of the ports of Onahama and Sendai.

Digital Replication

The plant is digitally mastered, enabling the supervision, management, and conceptual application of upgrades and adjustments prior to their practical implementation. The digital reproduction technique allows the plant to be exposed to expansion in fairly short order.

Applications Of Kireina Suiso Green Hydrogen

Through hydrogen injection into the existing gas supply chain, the green hydrogen generated at Kireina Suiso can be used as a fuel for public/private transportation and household consumption.


Everything points to green hydrogen as the long-awaited alternative fuel. Green hydrogen does not release greenhouse gases because it is generated from renewable energy sources. The fuel is transported easily and safely. It can also be compressed, unlike other technologies, ensuring a reliable energy source regardless of weather conditions.

All of these features make hydrogen essential for energy decarbonization and the battle against climate change, which is one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forward at multiple United Nations Climate Change Conferences.


Fuel For The Transport Sector

Green hydrogen is widely used in transportation. The hydrogen generator that will be developed on our green hydrogen plant will be able to recharge networks of public or private transportation.

Industrial Fuel

The main consumers of green hydrogen are anticipated to be energy-intensive industries. As early as the first phase, the industry use will be able to prevail.

Clean Energy Generation

Because a portion of the power supply will be replaced with green hydrogen, the procedure will cut emissions from the power-producing process. The clean energy generated by a fuel cell will be available to businesses and homes.

Hydrogen Injection into the Existing Gas Network

Gas pipelines can be injected with green hydrogen. This means that using the existing gas pipeline network, hydrogen injection may be used to supply industries and homes.


We Create

Asset efficiency is improved, availability is increased, and maintenance costs are reduced. By integrating first-class engineering with ingenuity and creativity, we are able to solve complex and challenging situations.

We Care

We prioritize our customers. We pay attention to their concerns, we comprehend their requirements, and we keep our promises. We care about the safety of our people, our society, and our environment.

We Can

We are a reliable and committed partner who is always transparent and dependable. We create tailored solutions that anticipate our clients' present and future needs by using the capabilities and knowledge of our highly engaged experts.

Hydrogen Plays an Important Role in the Energy Transition

Hydrogen will play a critical role in the long-term growth of energy as an efficient and environmentally sustainable energy resource. It is considered to be the optimum future fuel. Kireina Suiso is involved in a number of key hydrogen-related initiatives.

The potential for business and pollution savings is significant as hydrogen technology advances. We are engaged in multiple projects to demonstrate how hydrogen can offer scalable and profitable development opportunities in the future, as part of our energy innovation.

We know that we can always succeed as we work together with local communities and we undertake the responsibility to leave a lasting impact in the areas we are involved. We strive to establish long-term, reliable partnerships with our collaborators in order to contribute to social and economic growth.

We consider that the greatest approach to inspire confidence is via openness and transparency at Kireina Suiso. As a result, we are welcoming new ideas and are motivated to create a difference.