Working at Kireina Suiso

You can take advantage of one of the most outstanding challenges in the energy business at Kireina Suiso. Additionally, you will have the chance to develop your career in a company that values one’s accomplishments and supports the quality of life.

  • A collaborative and inclusive culture
  • Future-oriented innovation
  • Limitless potential
  • Work-life balance
  • Accountability
  • Remuneration and benefits

Our goal is to hire and retain people who share our values and are enthusiastic about our mission.

We feel that competitive benefits, a well-deserved compensation package combined with a wide range of career options are an unmatched pairing.

We will welcome you into our community as a new member of our team, encouraging your innovative thinking, creative approaches, and unique perspectives. We take on the world's energy challenges as a team.

Kireina Suiso prioritizes equality for a reason. It accurately describes the way we approach people and the communities in which we work as a values-based company.


A Values-Based Framework

Everything we do is built on the foundation of our principles. We want to recognize and reward balanced performance, based on both the results you have and how you obtain them. We believe that by taking this approach, we can create a more inclusive workplace where creativity and cooperation may thrive.

To promote a shared interest in the development of a sustainable and competitive company, we relate our rewarding scheme to company performance.


A Well-Balanced Life

We all need to be free to adapt our perspectives. We understand that in order for you to work at your best, you need the flexibility to care for your future. Kireina Suiso strives to foster flexible working arrangements that meet the needs of individuals.


Long-Term Financial Goals

Kireina Suiso's compensation plan strikes a compromise between short and long-term perspectives, including a reasonable financial remuneration as well as various additional long-term advantages.

We offer our employees the chance to participate in our share savings plan, in which their contributions are matched with additional shares. We offer pension plans in order to protect our employees after they retire.


Our Values

Our principles perfectly represent Kireina Suiso's spirit and vitality. They assist us in determining our overall direction and influence our decisions, behaviors, and interactions with others. Our values are the basis of every action we take.



We promote transparency, embrace diversity and new perspectives, and we raise ethical standards while acting with integrity.


Collaborative Spirit

We work as a team, sharing knowledge and assisting one another to achieve our goals. Our business partners and the communities we serve believe in us because we connect with them, respect them, and support them.



We are inquisitive, innovative, and competitive, and we are always striving for better. We employ foresight to spot opportunities and mitigate risk.



We are protective when it comes to the environment and the conditions of living while also ensuring a positive work environment. We act in an ethical and socially responsible way and we are long-term oriented.