The Kireina Suiso Way

Our purpose is to turn natural resources into energy for people,
and progress for society.

Our mission is to transform natural resources into energy, thus contributing to social and economic growth.

We follow all applicable rules, we behave ethically, sustainably, and socially responsible, we practice good corporate governance, and respect internationally recognized human rights in all of our company activities. Internally and externally, we maintain an open attitude towards ethical concerns. Communication that is open, transparent, and reliable is critical to our integrity and overall success.

We create - Asset efficiency is improved, availability is increased, and maintenance costs are reduced.

We care - We prioritize our customers. We pay attention to their concerns, we comprehend their requirements, and we keep our promises.

We can - We are a reliable and committed partner who is always transparent and dependable.

Respecting people

We are committed to providing a safe workplace for our people. Kireina Suiso's objective for safety is a harmless environment. We support equality and diversity, and we treat everyone respectfully and responsively.

Conducting operations

We have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of unacceptable behavior and take proactive actions to guarantee that the course of Kireina Suiso's business operations follows a set of high standards. We are dedicated to operating our company openly and transparently, hence fostering accountability in our business. To maintain adequate confidentiality and integrity, we preserve information that we create or that is submitted to us.

Relating to business partners

We are open to collaborating with people who share our dedication to ethics and compliance. Kireina Suiso always competes in a fair and ethically justifiable manner because we believe in the benefits of healthy competition.

Working with communities

Through our commercial activities, we strive to provide long-term benefits to our communities. Direct and indirect local employment, local procurement of products and services, local infrastructure development and capacity-building, as well as social investments, are all part of our commitment.


Our team is the most valuable natural resource at Kireina Suiso. Our people are empowered to help define the future of energy because of our culture, which is shaped by our values and a collaborative mentality.

With courage and ingenuity, we approach the unexpected. Our people are putting together their efforts to ponder great ideas and overcome major obstacles.


Our Values

We demonstrate our ideals on a constant basis. They are the bedrock of our culture, guiding us on how to conduct business and develop partnerships. Our values connect us across national and offshore borders. We are open, confident, collaborative, and compassionate in everything we do.


Safety Comes First

We provide the world with the energy it requires in a sustainable and responsible manner at Kireina Suiso. Our top priority is the safety of our people — employees, suppliers, and partners. That is why we strive to put safety first in all we do.


We Value What Is Important for Our People

We are growing as a business just as the energy industry is evolving. We need a diversity of insights, skills, and competencies to be at the forefront of the energy transformation. All of our coworkers bring a unique set of skills, expertise, and knowledge to the table. These distinctions enable us to look at challenges from different angles and come up with the best solutions.

Diversity encourages innovation, creativity, and exclusive ways of thinking. Because our strength originates in our diversity, not our similarities, we want everyone at Kireina Suiso to feel confident bringing their complete identity and ideas to work.